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Steve Lee, Business Psychologist, FCIPD

Health and wellbeing is one of the best investments any organisation can make, but why choose us?

I am keen to help organisations and individuals thrive.  

I have significant experience of leading health and wellbeing interventions across organisations, from Board to front line.

I have worked with leaders in the field to develop national health and wellbeing strategies and with individual organisations to develop tailored solutions.

I developed the Health and Safety Executive's Management Standards for Work-related Stress so can help you meet legal requirements to protect psychological health through a preventive approach.

I have supported the development of health and wellbeing dashboards for organisations and can offer bespoke training and coaching for senior leaders, line managers and teams.

I bring a focus to evidence-based solutions and can help organisations make investments that make a long-term difference to working lives and organisational performance.

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